What is Vaporwave?

Vaporwave is a music genre characterized by reducing the tempo and pitch of samples or even entire original songs. Of course this is a broad description of vaporwave in its infancy, as the skills of the artists progressed beyond simple slowing a reverb to what one would call fully fledged remixes.

Many songs from this genre are centered in the decade of the 80s, oddly enough the graphic depictions used in the associated videos included many 90s era computer graphics such as the characteristic Greek statues. Other graphic staples are 80s and 90s anime and associated art themes from those eras.

Vaporwave also gave birth the (sub)genre of future funk, with staples of faster tempo and pitch with disco and funk beats. Many future funk songs are also reliant on samples. Many vaporwave artists are also future funk artists and vice versa.

Overall vaporwave has no hard and fast rules and can be easily classified as synth, dance, techno, or house. Instead the label of vaporwave is applied according to the emotions of the listener. Does it make you feel nostalgic? Does it give you retro vibes? Does it remind you of songs from previous decades?

Then chances are its vaporwave.

The one that started it all. In terms of going viral at least.

Who are some Vaporwave artists?

Honorable mention Macross 82-99


Twitter https://twitter.com/MACROSS8299

Yung Bae


Twitter https://twitter.com/yungbae

Skylar Spence formerly SAINT PEPSI

Night Tempo

Twitter https://twitter.com/nighttempo


Twitter https://twitter.com/fibrealex

Macintosh Plus (Vektroid)